sunday in wonderland

I woke up in a room with the most breathtaking view and had my morning cup of coffee overlooking it- in my retro sunnies, tiniest of shorts and awesome company. No TV, no newspapers, no laptops, no smartphones, just amazing QT. Not! Fantasies are unending with this beautiful Nairobi weather.

In the real world, I dipped my hand in the cookie jar and just like that I was hooked again. Now I can’t stop thinking about the cookie or the jar! Especially the jar. One little bite and I was sucked right back in. Well it was more like one big, long, scrumptious bite! I’m holding onto a huge Snicker bar without indulging- to try and help with my self-control. It’s insane torture!! On both the bar and jar fronts.

My curling cream’s heavy scent gives me a constant headache until the next washday. But it also gives me the best curl definition. No prizes for guessing what’s winning that battle… Still on that, Friend has no love for my natural hair. Granted, I’m still learning how to deal with my curls and coils so it’s been worse for wear the last few days. But I feel like I should hook him up with Naijahusband’s musings on the topic for compassion on my bold journey.

I’m hot af. I spent 20 minutes looking for a spot at T-Mall’s basement parking lot before finally getting one at the outdoor parking opposite the mall. It’s the worst mall, what do people, in their droves, do there?!

Baby Honda is so unbelievably dirty, my big sissy just told me she needs to be washed with hot water. Yes, it’s that bad and yes, she has a comeback for everything!!! No one’s available to come with to the car wash. And I’d rather sit on a public toilet seat than have a drink alone at the local while waiting for it to be done and have people think I’m soliciting!!! So until further notice, Baby Honda will remain unashamedly burgundy.

Now onto my yummy late lunch as I watch Trainwreck. I’m in love with Amy Schumer. I hope it lives up to its trailer.


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